Computed command. Message is computed when the command is executed.

Action performed

Manipulate the timers. Syntax: - `create <name> [interval]` will create a new timer with the name and the given interval, if specified. It has no other effect. - `add <name> <commands>` will add all of the commands (space-separated) to the timer `name` - it does not start the timer. If it is running, it will seamlessly integrate the new command at the current point in the rotation. - `delete <name>` completely removes a timer and associated commands. This cannot be undone. - `auto <name> [interval]` creates a new timer with the given interval, if specified, and exactly one command `name`. It immediately starts it. This is basically used for single-command sponsored timers and the like. The internal timer name will be `auto_` followed by the command name, and can be edited normally afterwards. - `status <name>` outputs the commands and interval tied to this timer. - `start <name>` starts the given timer. - `stop <name>` stops the given timer. - `interval <name> <interval>` changes the interval of an existing timer. This will have some weird double-send glitch if editing the interval of a running timer, but is mostly fine otherwise.