Slay the Spire mods

On the stream we use mods to the game to enhance the experience for the viewer. With the mods, we add interactivity so that you as a viewer can access information about the run directly in the stream.

Out of the mods we use, only the RNGfix alters the gameplay. Other than that, we play as closely to unmodded Slay the Spire as possible. More on RNGfix below.

Gameplay mods

The RNGfix mod changes how randomness works in Slay the Spire to combat correlated randomness.

To quote the mod summary page:
What [correlated randomness] means is that the player can know a lot of information they shouldn't if the game were truly random. One such example is the player can know if their next event will be a monster room or not based on the first enemy they encounter. Another example is that by analyzing monster order (or the potion order, or the event order, etc), the player can predetermine the rarity of the chest they receive and its contents by calculating the correct number of fights before entering the chest room.

While it alters the gameplay, it only does so to make it harder if anything. For more information, see Jorbs' in-depth video on the subject.

Visual mods

Mapmarks lets us draw a path on the map to outline where we are planning to go. We usually color our intended path in green, a harder and more reckless path in red, and alternate paths in white.

UI Sliders lets us move certain elements of the UI. We use it to move the discard pile and the exhaust pile to be above the stream webcam.

Interactivity mods

Slay the Relics adds interactivity to the Twitch stream, letting the viewer hover over elements of the game and get information in real time. This works in conjunction with Relic Stats (see below).

Information mods

Infomod provides access to information that's always available to the player, but tedious to remember or calculate. It shows things like potion drop chance, the various question floor variants, drop chances for card rarities, and so on.

The Run History Plus mod adds more information to the Run History screen. It also powers a lot of the run information this website has.
The Bestiary mod lets us access information about the foes of the Spire, showing us their stats and movesets.

Relic Stats gives us extended information on how relics have performed. We can hover over relics in the relic bar to get numerical information over what they have done. This works in conjunction with Slay the Relics, so viewers on Twitch can access this information as well.

Custom mods

The Mastery Challenge mod was specifically made for the channel to help keep track of the 2023 Mastery Challenge. It is available for others to tinker with.

Variety mods

These are mods we use during our Slay The Spire variety days about once per month.
They are not part of our regular gameplay.

Downfall is a collection of new playable characters, most of them based on the bosses of the Spire.

Spire Biomes adds special zones to the Spire map which change the rules in all kinds of neat ways: fight new enemies, visit the Ironclads homeland, have fun with a temporary dead branch, or get struck by lightning!

Slay The Streamer puts chat in charge of card picks, with the aim to make the streamer fail!
Chimera Cards adds a chance for all cards to show up with unique and interesting modifiers! You might get a Glass Strike that has high damage but loses damage every time you play it, or a Shameful Discovery that costs less but makes you weak. I wonder what this Blasphemous Vault does...

Honorable mention

Minty Spire is a collection of quality-of-life additions to the game, such as showing the sum of damage you are about to receive when multiple enemies attack you, if you have Pen Nib active, or highlighting when a card will be doubled by Echo Form.

However, we do not use it on the stream. It adds too many visual things in a way that would lead to too many questions in chat. We strive to make the game look as close to default as possible.