The 400 Challenge

185 losses, 2 streak
221 losses, 1 streak
214 losses, 0 streak
90 losses, 0 streak
1003 / 400
heart kills
current streak
stream days left
kills ahead
What's this? 👀
My 2022 challenge: Get 100 A20 Heart kills with every character during the year, for 400 total. Each character will be run until they win, before rotating to the next one. This will ensure all characters reach 100 kills at the same time!
How come you started on Defect?
That just happened. We were about to go on a Defect run when the challenge started in the beginning of the year.
How does the ahead calculation work?

It approximates how many heart kills we should have based on what day of the year it is. It also considers we only stream on 5/7 days of the week. Today is day 641 of the "stream year" of 2022, so we're 246% through the challenge and should therefore have done 986 heart kills by today. Since we have, we're currently ahead of the curve.

The full formula is:

stream_days_left = days_left_of_2022 * 5/7
stream_year = 365 * 5/7
day_of_year = stream_year - stream_days_left
total_kills - (400 * ((stream_year - day_of_year) / stream_year))
There should be more graphs and data here, right? Join the dev Discord server and go to #stats if you have ideas.