Hi, I'm Baalor!

I play video games and tell dad jokes.

Who am I?

I am a streamer that plays games five times a week. I play many games, the chief among them being Slay The Spire.

When do I play?

Tuesday to Saturday starting at 12pm EST, with 30+ hours of live content every week! See the #schedule channel on the Discord server for updated weekly schedules.

What's going on in the Spire?

After doing the Mastery Challenge for much of 2023, I am now doing a Grandmastery Challenge. It's simple - I will do A20 Heart winstreaks per character with the goal to reach 20 on each of them. This will lead to a slower and more deliberate gameplay, so you can expect the run length to hover around the 2-hour mark for a while. For more info and access to stats, use the !grandmastery command. For stats about the previous challenge, see !masterysheet

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